Level 100: EC2 Right Sizing - Getting to know CloudWatch and AWS Resource Optimization



This hands-on lab will give you an overview on Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Resource Optimization and how to prioritize your EC2 Right Sizing efforts.


  • Learn how to check metrics like CPU, Network and Disk usage on Amazon CloudWatch
  • Enable and use the AWS Resource Optimization and get EC2 Right Sizing recommendations
  • Learn how to filter AWS Resource Optimization report and focus only on the less complex high saving cases


  • Root user access to the master account
  • Enable AWS Resource Optimization at AWS Cost Explorer > Recommendations no additional cost.

Permissions required

  • Root user access to the master account
  • NOTE: There may be permission error messages during the lab, as the console may require additional privileges. These errors will not impact the lab, and we follow security best practices by implementing the minimum set of privileges required.

Start the lab

Best Practice Checklist

  • [ ] Launch Amazon CloudWatch and observe the CPU, Disk and Network consuption of your EC2 instances
  • [ ] Enable and Launch AWS Resource Optimization, view how much your organization can save with Idle and Downsizing EC2 instances
  • [ ] Filter the AWS Resource Optimization recommendations by region, OS and Account
  • [ ] Learn how to prioritize these recommendations focusing on the low complexity high saving cases


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