Level 100: Enable AWS Security Hub via AWS Console


  • Pierre Liddle, Principal Security Architect

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

The AWS console provides a graphical user interface to search and work with the AWS services. We will use the AWS console to enable AWS Security Hub.

1.1 AWS Security Hub

Once you have logged into your AWS account you can use the search facility to locate Security Hub. All you need to do is type in Security Hub in the search field. Once Security Hub shows up you can click on Security Hub to go to the Security Hub service. search-security-hub

Alternatively you can go directly to the AWS Security Hub Console. AWS Security Hub Console

1.2 Enable AWS Security Hub

In the AWS Security Hub service console you can click on the Enable Security Hub orange button to enable AWS Security Hub in your account. enable-aws-security-hub

AWS Security Hub requires services permissions to run within your account. You can review the service role permissions in the following screen. Remember to click Enable AWS Security Hub security-hub-service-permissions

1.3 Explore AWS Security Hub

With AWS Security Hub now enabled in your account, you can explore the security insights AWS Security Hub offers. explore-aws-security-hub.png

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AWS Security Hub


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