Level 100: Walkthrough of the Well-Architected Tool


  • Rodney Lester, Reliability Lead, Well-Architected, AWS

Table of Contents

  1. Navigating to the console
  2. Creating a workload
  3. Performing a review
  4. Saving a milestone
  5. Viewing and downloading the report
  6. Tear Down

1. Navigating to the console

The AWS Well-Architected Tool is in the AWS Console. You simply need to login to the console and navigate to the tool. 1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console as an IAM user with MFA enabled or in a federated Role, and open the Well-Architected console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/.

  1. If you are already in the console, click Services on the tool bar along the top of the console to bring up the service search. Start typing Well Architected into the search box and select the AWS Well-Architected Tool:
    Select WAT

2. Creating a workload

Well-Architected Reviews are conducted per workload. A workload identifies a set of components that deliver business value. The workload is usually the level of detail that business and technology leaders communicate about.

  1. Click the Define Workload button on the landing page: ClickWorkload

  2. If you had existing workloads, then you will land at the Workloads listing. In this interface, click the Define Workload button: ClickWorkload2

  3. On the Define Workload interface, enter the necessary information: EnterWorkloadDetails

  4. Name: Workload for AWS Workshop
  5. Description: This is an example for the AWS Workshop
  6. Industry Type: InfoTech
  7. Industry: Internet
  8. Environment: Select "Pre-production"
  9. Regions: Select AWS Regions, and choose US West (Oregon)/us-west-2

  10. Click on the Define workload button: DefineWorkload

3. Performing a review

  1. From the detail page for the workload, click the Start review button: StartingReview

  2. In this walkthrough, we are only going to complete the Reliability Pillar questions. Collapse the Operational Excellence questions by selecting the collapsing icon on the left of the words Operation Excellence on the left: CollapseOE

  3. Expand the Reliability Questions by selecting the expanding icon to the left of the word Reliability: ExpandReliability

  4. Select the first question: REL 1. How do you manage service limits? SelectREL1

  5. Answer the REL 1 to REL 9 questions as you understand your current ability. You can use the Info links to help you understand what the answers mean, and watch the video to get more context on the questions. InfoAndVideo

  6. As you complete the question, select the Next Button at the bottom of the answers: SelectNext

  7. When you get to the last Reliability question, or the first Performance Pillar question, select Save and Exit: SelectSave

4. Saving a milestone

  1. From the detail page for the workload, click the Save milestone button: SavingMilestone

  2. Enter a name for the milestone as AWS Workshop Milestone and click the Save button: EnterMilestoneName

  3. Click on the Milestones tab: ViewMilestones

  4. This will display the milestone and data about it: ListMilestones

5. Viewing and downloading the report

  1. From the detail page for the workload, click the Improvement Plan tab: ViewImprovementPlan

  2. This will display the number of high and medium risk items and allow you to update the Improvement status: UpdateImprovementStatus

  3. You can also edit the improvement plan configuration. Click on the Edit button next to the words Improvement plan configuration: EditImprovementPlanConfig

  4. Move the Reliability Pillar up by clicking the up icon to the right of the word, Reliability: RaiseReliability

  5. Click the Save button to save this configuration: SaveConfig

  6. Click on the Review tab to get the option to download the improvement plan: SelectReview

  7. Click the Generate report button to generate and download the report: SelectGenerateReport

  8. You can either open the file or save it to view it.

6. Tear down this lab

In order to take down the lab environment, you simply delete the workload you created. 1. Select Workloads on the left navigation: SelectWorkloads

  1. Select the radio button next to the Workload for AWS Workshop and then click the Delete button. DeleteWorkload

  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button on the dialog: ConfirmDelete

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