CFM TIPs (Technical Implementation Playbooks)

Last Updated

April 2024


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The Cloud Financial Management (CFM) Technical Implementation Playbooks (TIPs) has been developed to help AWS builders build the most cost efficient possible infrastructure for their applications. This workshop will take you through technical implementation to manage your cloud cost and optimize your workloads across the different AWS services. The consumer of these recommendations is expected to have 200 level knowledge of AWS, in order to get the most of these guidelines.

What is the CFM TIPs?

AWS Cloud Financial Management Technical Implementation Playbooks (CFM TIPs) – The complete playbook for implementing and improving effective Cloud Financial Management capabilities in your organization.

Utilizing the Cloud Financial Management framework and the Cost Optimization pillar in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we have built an accessible step-by-step playbook to help you to implement a specific set of capabilities in your organization. This results in mechanisms that ensure ongoing, self-sufficient cost optimization and governance.

The CFM TIPs is a collection of best practices curated and bar raised by AWS subject matter experts for CFM activities.

CFM and CFM TIPs cycle

The CFM TIPs is currently divided into four main pillars: [1] Culture change, [2] Foundations, [3] Visualizations and [4] Service cost optimization playbooks.

  1. Culture Change- focuses on creating an organizational cost-aware culture,
  2. Foundations- includes defining tagging strategy, setting up budgets and cost anomaly detection monitors,
  3. Visualizations- include deploying Cloud Intelligent Dashboards (CID) and setting up key performance indicators with the KPI dashboard
  4. Service cost optimization playbooks- provide specific AWS service recommendations.
  • With 2 additional pillars, [5] Solutions and [6] Governance coming soon.