Cloud Financial Framework (CFF)

Last Updated

August 2023


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This collection of actionable guidelines aims to help AWS customers to optimize their workloads across the different AWS services. The consumer of these recommendations is expected to have 200 level knowledge of AWS, in order to get the most of this guidelines. By enabling these guidelines, you can create a structured plan for Cost Optimization actvities.

What is CFF?

Cloud Financial Framework (CFF) provides a structured plan to implement Cloud Financial Managment (CFM) technical activities. CFF is based on CFM pillars- see, save, plan and run. This allows business organizations to manage, optimize and plan costs as they grow their usage and scale on AWS. The primary goal of CFF is to allow you take active actions to improve your cost and usage on AWS cloud.

CFF is focused on these pillars:

  • Culture Change- Creating a cost aware culture inside the orgnization, it requires a cost aware process, monitoring potential costs changes proactively and periodically
  • Foundations- What tools are you using to track cost & usage on the cloud? Are you able to identify the specific workload and owner based on tags? How do you manage your budget?
  • Visualizations- How are you currently measuring, monitoring and creating accountability for your cloud spend? Are you able to drill down to a specific cost? Can you create customs dashboards to meet your organization needs?
  • Service Cost Optimization Playbooks- Are you able to identify optimization opportunities for each of your used services? How can you implement such changes?