Enable AWS-Generated Cost Allocation Tags

Enabling AWS-Generated Cost Allocation Tags, generates a cost allocation tag containing resource creator information. This is automatically applied to resources that are created, and allows you to view and allocate costs based on who created a resource.

  1. Log in to your Management Account as an IAM user with the required permissions, and go to the Billing console: Images/AWSBillTag0.png

  2. Select Cost Allocation Tags from the left menu: Images/AWSBillTag1.png

  3. Click on AWS-generated cost allocation tags: Images/AWSBillTag2.png

  4. Select aws:createdBy tag key and click on Activate to enable the tag: Images/AWSBillTag3.png

  5. Click on Activate to confirm that you want to activate the tag: Images/AWSBillTag4.png

  6. You will see that it is activated: Images/AWSBillTag5.png