Create and implement an AWS Budget Report

AWS Budgets Reports allow you to create and send daily, weekly, or monthly reports to monitor the performance of your AWS Budgets.

  1. From the Budgets dashboard, Click on Budgets Reports: Images/BudgetReports1.png

  2. Click Create budget report: Images/BudgetReports2.png

  3. Create a report with the following details:

    • Select all budgets
    • Report frequency: Weekly
    • Day of week: Monday
    • Email recipients: Input your email address
    • Report name: WeeklyBudgets
    • Select the Create budget report button when finished: Images/BudgetReports3.png
  4. Your budget report should now be complete: Images/BudgetReports4.png

  5. You should receive an email similar to the one below: Images/BudgetReports5.png

You have created a budget report. Use reports to regularly track your progress against defined budgets.