Other Rightsizing Tools

Other AWS Rightsizing tools

Launched during re:Invent 2019, AWS Compute Optimizer is another tool that can help identify EC2 rightsizing opportunities. AWS Compute Optimizer recommends optimal AWS resources for your workloads to reduce costs and improve performance by using machine learning to analyze historical utilization metrics. Over-provisioning resources can lead to unnecessary infrastructure cost and under-provisioning resources can lead to poor application performance. Compute Optimizer helps you choose the optimal Amazon EC2 instance types, including those that are part of an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group, as well as optimal Amazon EBS volume configurations, based on your utilization data.

Compute Optimizer is available at no additional cost. To get started, you just need to opt in using the AWS Compute Optimizer Console.

Comparing AWS Compute Optimizer vs Cost Explorer Rightsizing recommendations

Both AWS Compute Optimizer and Cost Explorer Rightsizing recommendations use the same engine to provide rightsizing recommendations. Amazon EC2 Resource Optimization focuses on cost reduction providing recommendations only for over-provisioned resources. AWS Compute Optimizer aggregates over and under provisioned resources on their recommendations. In addition to EC2 it also covers Auto-Scaling Groups, Lambda functions, and EBS volumes.

If you are a cloud engineer looking for more detailed metrics and a technical approach to rightsizing check out our 200 level Rightsizing recommendations lab. If you are a cloud financial analyst trying to measure the potential savings for your company then Cost Explorer Rightsizing recommendations will give you a good starting point to assess and evangelize the teams around the potential financial benefits.