Create a data set

We will create a data set so that QuickSight can access our Athena data set, and visualize our CUR data.

  1. Log on to the console via SSO, go to the QuickSight service, Enter your email address and click Continue: Images/QuickSight_email.png

  2. Click Manage data in the top right: Images/AWSQuicksight13.png

  3. Click New data set: Images/AWSQuicksight14.png

  4. Click Athena: Images/AWSQuicksight15.png

  5. Enter a Data source name, and click Create data source: Images/AWSQuicksight16.png

  6. Select the costmaster database, and then the CUR table you created in Athena, and click Select: Images/AWSQuicksight17.png

  7. Select Directly query your data, and click Visualize: Images/AWSQuicksight74.png

You have now configured a dataset to be able to create visualizations.