CUDOS, KPI and Cost Intelligence Dashboard

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March 2023


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The dashboards in this section use data exclusively from the AWS Cost and Usage Report.

For explanations on each field and visual found in the Cost Intelligence Dashboard (as well as some FAQs) download and read the CID User Guide

The AWS Cost & Usage Report (CUR) contains the most comprehensive set of AWS cost and usage data available, including additional metadata about AWS services, pricing, Reserved Instances, and Savings Plans. The CUR itemizes usage at the account or Organization level by product code, usage type and operation. These costs can be further organized by enabling Cost Allocation tags and Cost Categories. The AWS Cost & Usage Report is available at an hourly, daily, or monthly level of granularity.


These dashboards and their content: (a) are for informational purposes only, (b) represents current AWS product offerings and practices, which are subject to change without notice, and (c) does not create any commitments or assurances from AWS and its affiliates, suppliers or licensors. AWS content, products or services are provided “as is” without warranties, representations, or conditions of any kind, whether express or implied. The responsibilities and liabilities of AWS to its customers are controlled by AWS agreements, and this document is not part of, nor does it modify, any agreement between AWS and its customers. We recommend validating your data by comparing the aggregate un-grouped Payer and Linked Account spend for a prior month. Customers are responsible for making their own independent assessment of these dashboards and their content.


  • Create the Cost Intelligence dashboard

  • Create the CUDOS dashboard

  • Create the KPI dashboard

  • Create Additional Dashboards

    • Data Transfer Dashboard
    • Trends Dashboard
  • Distribute your dashboards in your organization



See FAQ#pricing

Time to complete

Approximately 45-60 minutes to onboard all CUR dashboards in this section manually. If using automation steps, setup should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.


Additional Dashboards include the Data Transfer Dashboard and Trends Dashboard