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November 2021

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How do I setup the dashboards on top of multiple payer accounts?

This scenario allows customers with multiple payer (management) accounts to deploy all the CUR dashboards on top of the aggregated data from multiple payers. To fulfill prerequisites customers should set up CUR S3 bucket replication to S3 bucket in separate Governance account.

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How do I limit access to the data in the Dashboards using row level security?

Do you want to give access to the dashboards to someone within your organization, but you only want them to see data from accounts or business units associated with their role or position? You can use row level seucirty in QuickSight to accomplish limiting access to data by user. In these steps below, we will define specific Linked Account IDs against individual users. Once the Row-Level Security is enabled, users will continue to load the same Dashboards and Analyses, but will have custom views that restrict the data to only the Linked Account IDs defined.

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When attempting to deploy the dashboard manually, some users get an error that states COLUMN_GEOGRAPHIC_ROLE_MISMATCH.

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