Optional Steps

Optional Step 1: Update dashboard template

  1. Pull latest dashboard version from template:

    aws quicksight update-dashboard --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --cli-input-json file://update-dashboard-input.json
  2. Update published version of dashboard:

    aws quicksight list-dashboard-versions --aws-account-id {account} --region {region} --dashboard-id ta-organizational-view --query 'DashboardVersionSummaryList[-1].VersionNumber' | xargs -I {} aws quicksight update-dashboard-published-version --aws-account-id {account} --dashboard-id ta-organizational-view --version-number {}
  3. Apply the latest pulled changes to the deployed dashboard with this CLI command:

    aws quicksight update-dashboard-published-version --region {region} --aws-account-id {account} --dashboard-id ta-organizational-view --version-number {version}

Optional Step 2: Add new TA Organizational view report

By default Trusted Advisor (TA) refreshes checks on weekly basis. To get historical progress and trends visualized on TAO Dashboard we recommend to upload new TA Organizational View reports regularly, for example bi-weekly or monthly

  1. Create Organizational View report

    For the step by step guide please follow the documentation


    • Please choose JSON format for report
    • You can select either all accounts and Trusted Advisor checks or filter by particular checks or Organizational Unit (OU). There is no limitation from dashboard deployment point of view

You can select certain accounts but please ensure you maintain consistency in following reports for periodic refreshes to avoid data mismatch.

  1. Download Organizational View report


  2. Unzip downloaded report

  3. Upload downloaded report to the reports folder in the S3 bucket

    Make sure you upload unzipped folder to S3 bucket Image

  4. Open and Refresh ta-organizational-view dataset in QuickSight Image