Level 200: Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering

Last Updated

May 2023


  • Mugdha Vartak, AWS Solutions Architect
  • Bilal Shuja, AWS Technical Account Manager


  • Ben Mergen, Sr Cost Lead SA WA.


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Well-Architected Best Practices

This lab helps you to exercise the following Well-Architected Best Practices in your Cost Optimization process:

  • COST04-BP05 - Enforce data retention policies
  • COST06-BP03 - Select resource type, size, and number automatically based on metrics
  • COST09-BP01 - Perform an analysis on the workload demand


This hands-on lab will guide you through the steps to configure S3 Intelligent tiering using AWS Console to move objects within Amazon S3 storage tiers automatically. The skills you learn will help you optimize the storage cost based on your access patterns in alignment with your business requirements.


  • Learn the fundamentals of Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering object storage class
  • Configure a lifecycle policy to transition to S3 Intelligent tiering all objects (new and existing).


  • An AWS account that you are able to use for testing.

    It is strongly advised not to use a production account for this lab but to use a test or sandbox account to understand the functionalities and capabilities of the service. And then replicate the relevant configurations to the production accounts.

  • AWS IAM user/role with permission to create/modify an Amazon S3 bucket
  • An object of size greater than 128KB. The object will be uploaded to an S3 bucket during the lab. You may choose to use multiple objects for the lab.


Refer to S3 Intelligent-Tiering Pricing page

Time to complete

The lab should take approximately 30 minutes to complete

Lab Sections