Configure Opt-in Archive Access Tier

To save even more on data that doesn’t require immediate retrieval, you can activate the optional asynchronous Archive Access and Deep Archive Access tiers. When these tiers are activated, objects not accessed for 90 consecutive days are automatically moved directly to the Archive Access tier. Objects are then moved to the Deep Archive Access tier after 180 consecutive days of no access.


The chart below shows how it adds into upto 95% of cost savings once you start utilizing your archive access tier for storage


  1. Log into your AWS Account and navigate to S3 Bucket console. Then select the bucket you used in section 2. Images/S3IntelligentTiering16.png

  2. Select the Properties tab. Images/S3IntelligentTiering17.png

  3. Navigate to the Intelligent-Tiering Archive configurations section and choose Create configuration. Images/S3IntelligentTiering18.png

  4. In the Archive configuration settings section, specify a descriptive Configuration name for your S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive configuration. Images/S3IntelligentTiering19.png

  5. For this lab, we are going to limit the scope of configuration by using tags. To do so, under Choose a configuration scope, select Limit the scope of this configuration using one or more filters. In the Object Tags section, click Add tag, and then enter “opt-in-archive” as Key and “true” as Value. Make sure that Status configuration is Enable. Images/S3IntelligentTiering20.png

  6. Objects in S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class are archived to Deep Archive Access tier after they haven’t been accessed for a time between six months and two years depending on your configuration.

Refer to the following object flow e.g with minimum days of object storage required before object is moved from frequent access tier to deep archive access tier Images/S3IntelligentTiering21.png

For this lab, we want to archive objects that haven’t been accessed for 6 months, to ensure that we only archive data that is not being used. To do so, in the Archive rule actions section, select Deep Archive Access tier, enter 180 as number of consecutive days without access before archiving the objects to the Deep Archive Access tier, and choose Create. Images/S3IntelligentTiering22.png

  1. To upload a new object with opt-in-archive tag, go to your S3 Bucket and click Upload: Images/S3IntelligentTiering23.png

  2. Then, choose Add files. Navigate to your local file system to locate the file you would like to upload. Select the file and then choose Open. Your file will be listed in Files and folders section. Images/S3IntelligentTiering24.png

  3. In the Properties section, select Intelligent-Tiering. For more information about the Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class, see the Amazon S3 User Guide. Images/S3IntelligentTiering25.png

  4. In the Tags – optional section we select Add tag with Key “opt-in-archive” and Value “true”, and click Upload. Images/S3IntelligentTiering26.png

  5. The uploaded file will automatically be moved to deep archived tier if not accessed for 6 months.


You have completed this section of the lab. In this section you learned how to configure optional archive storage tier and use object tag to transfer objects to deep archive access tier. In the next section, you will learn to restore archived data.

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