The follwoing resources were created during this lab and can be deleted:

  • S3 bucket, name starting with costefficiency
  • Glue Classifier WebLogs
  • Glue Crawler ApplicationLogs
  • IAM Role & Policy AWSGlueServiceRole-CostWebLogs
  • Glue Database webserverlogs
  • Crawler CostUsage
  • IAM Role & Policy AWSGlueServiceRole-Costusage
  • Glue Database CostUsage
  • Athena table costusagefiles_workshop.hourlycost
  • Athena table costusagefiles_workshop.efficiency
  • QuickSight dataset efficiency
  • QuickSight Analysis efficiency analysis

Now that you have completed the lab, if you have implemented this knowledge in your environment, you should re-evaluate the questions in the Well-Architected tool. This lab specifically helps you with COST 3 - “How do you monitor usage and cost? “