Level 300: Automated Athena CUR Query and E-mail Delivery


  • Na Zhang, Sr. Technical Account Manager, AWS


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This hands-on lab will guide you through deploying an automatic CUR query & E-mail delivery solution using Athena, Lambda, SES and CloudWatch. The Lambda function is triggered by a CloudWatch event, it then runs saved queries in Athena against your CUR file. The queries are grouped into a single report file (xlsx format), and sends report via SES. This solution provides automated reporting to your organization, to both consumers of cloud and financial teams.



  • Provide automated financial reports across your organization


Permissions required

  • Create IAM policies and roles
  • Write and read to/from S3 Buckets
  • Create and modify Lambda functions
  • Create, save and execute Athena queries
  • Verify e-mail address, send mail in SES


  • Variable, dependent on the amount of data scanned and report frequency
  • Approximately <$5 a month for small to medium accounts

Time to complete

  • The lab should take approximately 15 minutes to complete