Deploy core infrastructure for data retrieval

Create Reusable Resource

The first step is to create a set of reusable resources and respective data collection modules.

  1. Click Launch CloudFormation template if you are deploying to your Cost Optimization linked account (recommended)

Or if you wish to keep this on your local machine please copy CloudFormation template locally and deploy with your preferred method of choice:

For the CodeBucket Parameter, if deploying in Oregon leave as CodeBucket: aws-well-architected-labs

  1. Click Next. Images/upload_templates3.png

  2. Call the stack OptimizationDataCollectionStack and fill Deployment parameters. The Role mentioned in Multi Account Role Name parameter will be deployed in the next step. Select the Code bucket for the region you are deploying in and fill Management account Id. You have the option to change the name of your access roles, if you do please make the same changes in the Role for Management Account and the Read Only roles for Data Collector deployments.

Under available modules section select modules which you would like to deploy. Detailed description of each module can be found here Click Next and Next again Images/Main_CF_Parameters.png

  1. Tick the box ‘I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.' and click Create stack. Images/Tick_Box.png

  2. Wait until your CloudFormation has a status of CREATE_COMPLETE. Images/Main_CF_Deployed.png