Visualize Organization Data in QuickSight

Join your AWS Organizations data with the AWS Cost & Usage Report in Amazon Quicksight

In Amazon Quicksight we will add to the existing AWS Cost & Usage Report from the Cost Visualization lab. Please make sure you have completed the 100 AWS Account Setup QuickSight part of the lab as this will allow QuickSight to have access to your S3 bucket that starts with ‘cost’.

  1. Log on to the console via SSO, go to the QuickSight service, Enter your email address and click Continue:


  1. Click Manage data in the top right:


  1. In your data set click on the Cost & Usage dataset you have already created. Select Edit Data Set


  1. On the Top Left of the screen click Add Data


  1. In the pop up select your organisation_data and click Select


  1. Now your data has been added we can setup the join. Click on the two circles connecting the two data sets. Below you will see two down downs where we can select the joins.


  1. The left box should be your Cost and Usage Report. Under that select the drop down bock and choose line_item_usage_account_id. In the right box under the Organizations_data select id. On the right select Full Join. Then click Apply.


  1. You can save this as a new data set by changing the name at the top to Cost_and_Usage_Data_with_Org. You then click on Save.


  1. Let’s setup a Schedule refresh for the data. Click on the QuickSight Icon in the top left to bring you back to the home page. Then click on Datasets on the left and find your dataset you just created. Click on the name then select Schedule refresh the click Create.


  1. Choose your Time zone and select Weekly. Selecting the Starting day as tomorrow so you match the 7 days set in the Amazon CloudWatch Event. Click Create and then the Exit button.


  1. Click on your dataset again and click Create analysis. Images/Create_Analysis.png

  2. Now you will be taken to a new dashboard. On the left you can see some of the column names we have added such as account_name.

  3. On the top of the screen click on Field wells and pull in the following:

  • Drag in account_name into Y axis
  • line_item_unblended_cost into Value (ensure the Aggregate is Sum).

The visual below will show you your spend by account name.


Congratulations - QuickSight is now setup for your users to see the account names and other details in your dashboards.