Create an AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

If our EC2 instance contained application data, it would be necessary to schedule recurring backups to meet the target RPO. AWS Backup provides this functionality through a dashboard that makes it simple to audit backup and restores activity across AWS services. Since our instance contains no data, only code, we will create a one-time backup. Reoccurring backups are necessary for a production application every time a change occurs to the EC2 instance.

1.1 Click EC2 to navigate to the dashboard in the N. Virginia (us-east-1) region.

1.2 Click the Instances (running) link.

1.2 Select UniShopAppV1EC2BackupAndRestore. Click Create image under the Actions -> Images and Templates dropdown.

1.3 Enter BackupAndRestoreImage as the Image name, then click the Create Image button.