Backup to US-west-1

We will now back up our application to the DR region us-west-1. We will perform the following steps:

  • Backup the EC2 instance
  • Backup the RDS database
  • Backup the S3 UI bucket

Backup the EC2 instance

If our EC2 instance contained application data, it would be necessary to schedule recurring backups to meet the target RPO. AWS Backup provides this functionality through a dashboard that makes it simple to audit backup and restores activity across AWS services. Since our instance contains no data, only code, we will create a one-time backup. Reoccuring backups are necessary for a production application every time a change occurs to the EC2 instance.

1.1 Login to the AWS Console and navigate to EC2 by searching for it.

1.2 Select the newly created EC2 instance ( Name: UniShopApp..EC2 ) and use the Actions menu to choose Actions, Images and Templates, then Create Image.

1.3 Enter a name for the image and click the Create Image button.

1.4 Navigate to AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) under Images on the left menu. Wait for the deployment status to change to Available.

Tip: It may take several minutes for this step to complete. While waiting, you can open a new browser tab and start the RDS database backup .

1.5 Select the new AMI and use the Actions menu to choose Copy AMI.

1.6 Select the US-West (N. California) region and click the Copy AMI button.

Tip: If you’re not using us-east-1 and us-west-1 regions for this workshop then choose a different region from the original one in which the application is currently deployed.

Backup the RDS database

We would create a backup plan for a production application and schedule recurring backups to meet the target RPO. For the workshop, we will create a manual backup.

2.1 Navigate to AWS Backup by searching for AWS Backup on the AWS Console and selecting it.

2.2 Navigate to the AWS backup Protected resources page and click the Create an on-demand backup button.

2.3 Select RDS from the Resource type pull-down menu, then search and select the RDS database. Click the Create on-demand backup button.

When the Status changes to Completed, we will copy the backup to the DR region.

Grab a snack! This step takes about 10 minutes to complete.

2.4 Locate the backup in the Backup Vault by clicking Backup Vaults and select default.

If you are using your own AWS account you may want to create a non-default vault for this workshop. this will prevent commingling of workshop backups with other backups in the default vault. Instructions can be found in the service documentation .

Tip: Backups will not appear until the previous step completes successfully.

Use the Actions menu to select Copy.

Select the US West (N. California) region and click the Copy button.

Backup the S3 UI bucket

3.1 Navigate to S3

3.2 Note the names of the primary region bucket.

Click the Create bucket button.

Use the same bucket name as the primary bucket and append a “-dr” at the end. Next, select the US West (N. California) us-west-1 region. Finally, save this bucket name as we will need it for our DR runbook.

Disable Block all public Access by disabling the root checkbox (and underlying checkboxes as well). Check the acknowledgment box.

Leave the rest default and click Create Bucket.

We are ready for a disaster!