Launch an EC2 instance from AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

1.1 Click EC2 to navigate to the dashboard in the N. California (us-west-1) region.

1.2 Click the AMIs link.

1.3 Verify the BackupAndRestoreImage has a status of Available.

1.4 Select BackupAndRestoreImage. Click the Launch button.

1.5 Select the t2.micro instance type, then click the Next: Configure Instance Details button.

1.6 Select BackupAndRestore-S3InstanceProfile-xxxx as the IAM Role, then click the Next: Add Storage button.

1.7 Click the Next: Add tags button.

1.8 Add Name as the Key and BackupAndRestoreSecondary as the Value, then click the Next: Configure Security Group button.

1.9 Select Create a new security group and enter backupandrestore-us-west-ec2-SG as the Security group name and Description. Add the rules as shown by clicking the Add Rule button. (Click on image to enlarge) Click the Review and Launch button.

1.10 Click the Launch button.

1.11 Select Proceed without a key pair, enable the I acknowledge that without a key pair,… checkbox, then click the Launch Instances button.

Copy the Public IPv4 DNS of the instance. You will need this in a later step.