Account Setup

Using your own AWS account

If you are using a personal AWS account, be aware that you will incur costs for the resources deployed in this workshop. After completing the workshop, remember to complete the Cleanup section to remove any unnecessary AWS resources.

Allow Amazon S3 Public Access

Our application employs AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Static website hosting. To make the application available to Internet users, the S3 bucket will be configured with public access.

If you run into issues, you MAY need to congire S3 public access settings at the Account level. For example, if you allow public access for a bucket but block all public access at the account level, Amazon S3 will continue to block public access to the bucket. In this scenario, you would have to edit your account-level Block Public Access settings. For more information, see Blocking public access to your Amazon S3 storage. Before doing this, verify all other S3 buckets in your Account have the proper bucket level permission set. Please review the best practices for Access control for you S3 bucket.

This workshop takes about 60 minutes to complete.