Clean up Resources

S3 Cleanup

1.1 Navigate to S3 in the console.

1.2 Select the pilot-primary-uibucket-xxxx and click Empty.

1.3 Type permanently delete in the confirmation box and click Empty.

1.4 When you see the green banner at the top stating the bucket has is empty, click Exit.

Please repeat steps 1.1 through 1.4 for the following buckets:

  • pilot-secondary-uibucket-xxxx

Database Clean up

This step is required as we did manual promotion for the Aurora Database.

2.1 Navigate to Aurora Database in RDS Console , select database instance under the dr-immersionday-secondary-pilot cluster and delete the instance.

2.2 Deselect Create final snapshot option, Select “I acknowledge..” option. Click Delete button.

2.3 Wait until Amazon Aurora Database Cluster is deleted.

CloudFormation Clean up

3.1 Navigate to CloudFormation in the AWS Console.

3.2 Select the Pilot-Secondary stack and click Delete.

3.3 Click Delete stack to confirm the removal.

Wait for the stack deletion to complete

3.4 CloudFormation stack deletion fails due to the manual deletion of Aurora Database.

3.5 Navigate to CloudFormation and delete the stack. Select Retain for Aurora Database Cluster and Instance as they are already manually deleted.

AWS CloudFormation Primary Region Cleanup

4.1 Change your console ’s region to us-east-1 using the Region Selector in the upper right corner.

4.2 Navigate into CloudFormation and find the Pilot-Primary stack. Next click the Delete button to remove it.

4.3 Click Delete stack to confirm the deletion.