Readiness checks - DynamoDB

Now we need to create readiness checks for our cells. For our application, we’re going to set up readiness checks for the DynamoDB tables, and the website endpoints. These are two examples of resources that we will be monitoring for our sample application.

  1. We’ll start with a readiness check for DynamoDB. Click “Create a new readiness check” to start:
  1. Give your readiness check a meaningful name (e.g. DynamoDBReadinessCheck), select “DynamoDB table” from the Resource type pulldown, and click Next:
  1. Next we need to create a Resource set which contains the DynamoDB tables that the we’re monitoring. Select the “Create a new resource set” radio button, and give your resource set a meaningful name (e.g. DynamoDBResourceSet):

Open another browser another tab, and navigate to the DynamoDB console in N. Virginia (us-east-1) and N. California (us-west-1). Select the “unishophotstandby” table in each region, and copy down the ARN of each table. You’ll find the ARN in the “Overview” tab for your table, and click “Additional info” to expand the “General information” section:

Return to your Route 53 ARC browser tab, and add both DynamoDB ARNs to the Resource ARNs section, and click Next:

The readiness rules are applied based on the resource types selected. Take a look at them to see what readiness rules will be in effect. A key part of any readiness check is that data in primary and secondary locations are synced, and also that the configurations match. The pre-configured DynamoDB readiness rules inspect tables in the resource set and ensures that the configurations match across the readiness set.

You can read more about readiness rules, and their descriptions in the documentation here.

When ready, click Next:

  1. Next, we’ll associate the resources in the resource set with either the East or West cells. Select the “Associate with an existing recovery group” radio button, select the recovery group you created in Step 2 above, and assign each DynamoDB table to the correct cell, N. Virginia (us-east-1) with UnicornAppRecoveryGroup-East, etc. and then click Next.

The DynamoDB table ARN contains the region, use this to help you:

  1. Review your configuration and click Create readiness check when ready:

You have now created readiness checks for the DynamoDB tables in our application. Congratulations!

At the next steps, we will create readiness check for the website endpoints.