Configure CloudFront - EC2 or Load Balancer

Using the AWS Management Console, we will create a CloudFront distribution, and link it to the AWS WAF ACL we previously created.

  1. Open the Amazon CloudFront console at
  2. From the console dashboard, choose Create Distribution.


  1. Click Get Started in the Web section.


  1. Specify the following settings for the distribution:
  • In Origin Domain Name enter the DNS or domain name from your elastic load balancer or EC2 instance.


  1. After CloudFront creates your distribution, the value of the Status column for your distribution will change from In Progress to Deployed.


  1. When your distribution is deployed, confirm that you can access your content using your new CloudFront URL or CNAME. Copy the Domain Name into a web browser to test.


For more information, see Testing a Web Distribution in the CloudFront documentation. 7. You have now configured Amazon CloudFront with basic settings.

For more information on configuring CloudFront, see Viewing and Updating CloudFront Distributions in the CloudFront documentation.