Lab 1 - Change Database Instance Type


In this lab you will take the RDS MySQL database that was created in the Preparation step, and migrate it from the x86-64 instance it was built on, to a Graviton based instance.

This migration method works for all RDS databases that support AWS Graviton, including Amazon Aurora.

With this migration type, applications can continue to use the existing endpoints.

Check the database is fully created

  1. From the RDS dashboard, go to databases in the side menu. Lab 1 Databases console
  2. Check the mysql-lab1 database is in an Available state (click refresh to update the current state). Lab 1 Database status

Change the instance type from x86-64 to Graviton

  1. Once the database is in the available state, select the database radio button and click Modify. Lab 1 select modify

  2. On the Modify DB Instance page, change the instance type to db.t4g.micro. Lab 1 instance configuration

  3. Leave all other settings as they are and scroll all the way down and click Continue

  4. In Schedule modifications, select Apply Immediately

  5. Click Modify DB Instance Lab 1 Database Creation

  6. The database will be modified and then restart on the graviton instance type, clicking refresh on the console will show the status of the change.

When the database is in Available status and running on Graviton you have successfully completed this lab.

Lab 1 Database Creation