Lab 3 - Failover to read Replica


In this lab you will take the Amazon Aurora database created in the Preparation step, add a read replica, and then failover to the replica.

This method works for Amazon Aurora only (Postgres and MySQL).

This is a fast way to migrate, and applications can continue to use the existing database endpoints.

Add a read replica and failover

  1. In the RDS Databases console, click on the Aurora cluster name, aurora-lab3 to go to the detail screen for the database
  2. From the Actions menu select Add reader Lab 3 Database Creation 2
  3. Enter a DB Instance Identifier (e.g. aurora-graviton)
  4. Select a graviton instance type e.g. db.t4g.medium from burstable classes Lab 3 Database Creation 2
  5. Leave all other settings as default, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add reader
  6. Once the graviton instance is in the Available state (this may take a few minutes), there should be an x86-64 writer and a Graviton reader

Lab 3 Database Creation 2

Failover to the Graviton Instance

  1. Select the radio button next to the newly created Graviton instance named aurora-graviton, choose actions and then Failover

Lab 3 Database Failover

  1. Note that the graviton instance now becomes the writer and the x86-64 instance is demoted to a reader node
  2. Notice how quickly the failover happens compared to changing the instance type.
  3. The lab is now complete and you can move on to the next one.