Lab 4 - Restore from Snapshot


The last option to migrate a database from x86-64 to Graviton is to restore a database snapshot to a Graviton instance, creating a new database, and leaving the existing database in place.

An alternative lab to this one exists here .

Check for an existing snapshot or create a new one

  1. The default settings should have created a snapshot at DB creation time. Select Snapshot from the RDS menu on the left, and click on the Automated tab to see which snaphots are available. Lab 4 Snapshots
  2. You also have an option to create a snapshot manually with the Take Snapshot button. Refer to the RDS documentation to take a manual snapshot if required.

Use the snapshot to create a new database running on Graviton

  1. Select the checkbox next to the snapshot you want to restore, for this lab we are going to use the mariaDB instance created in the preparation step. The snapshot should follow the format rds:mariadb-lab4-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-mm
  2. From the actions dropdown menu, choose Restore Lab 4 Database Name
  3. Enter a new name for the database instance identifier, e.g. lab4-maria-graviton

Lab 4 Database Name

  1. Under Instance configuration select the radio button Burstable classes (includes t classes)
  2. Select db.t4g.micro

Lab 4 Instance Select

  1. Leave other settings at defaults and click the Restore DB Instance button

Lab 4 Database Creating 2

  1. The database will now be created from the snapshot

Lab 4 Database Creating 2

  1. Once the database is in Available status the lab is complete and you can move to cleanup.