Clean Up

In the RDS Console delete all the created databases

NOTE: Because these are lab databases we will delete all the databases with their associated backups and will not create a final snapshot. Normally it would be highly recommended to create a final snapshot.

To cleanup and to avoid any additional charges, the database instances created as part of the lab need to be deleted from the RDS console. The steps to delete a DB instance can be found in the docs .

Delete the Lab 1 RDS MySQL database

Delete MySQL

Delete the Lab 2 x86-64 database

Delete Postgres x86-64

Delete the Lab 2 Graviton Database

Delete Postgres Graviton

Delete the Lab 3 Aurora Postgres x86-64 database

Delete Aurora x86-64

Delete the Lab 3 Aurora Graviton database

Delete Aurora Graviton

Delete the Lab 4 MariaDB Database

Delete Aurora Graviton

If you took any manual snapshots, they should also be deleted by following the steps in the docs .