Performing a review

  1. From the detail page for the workload, click the Start review button: StartingReview

  2. In this walkthrough, we are only going to complete the Reliability Pillar questions. Collapse the Operational Excellence questions by selecting the collapsing icon on the left of the words Operation Excellence on the left: CollapseOE

  3. Expand the Reliability Questions by selecting the expanding icon to the left of the word Reliability: ExpandReliability

  4. Select the first question: REL 1. How do you manage service limits? SelectREL1

  5. Answer the REL 1 to REL 9 questions as you understand your current ability. You can use the Info links to help you understand what the answers mean, and watch the video to get more context on the questions. InfoAndVideo

  6. As you complete the question, select the Next Button at the bottom of the answers: SelectNext

  7. When you get to the last Reliability question, or the first Performance Pillar question, select Save and Exit: SelectSave